My name is Bobbie and after many years as a vegetarian, I have decided to become vegan.

The word vegan is not something I’m sure I’m comfortable being labelled as, if truth be known.

One of the reasons I resisted veganism for so long was because I thought ‘all vegans were mentalists’ and, of course, I know this isn’t entirely true!

That being said. I am a vegan, in the sense I do not eat any animal products or bi-products. I don’t purchase anything tested on animals or associated with animal cruelty. I avoid palm oil. I strive to be as ethical as I can across the board.

However, and this is very important; I am not a vegan extremist – I strive for change. I see my input as an alkaline, in an attempt to neutralise some of the acidity caused by the people who don’t care to address welfare, compassion or the negative impact the world population is having on the planet. I am not on a mission to spread fear, hate or scaremonger people into becoming vegan. I’m not trying to ‘turn you’, or ruin any future enjoyment you may have when presented with a cheese board or an omelette (although, I cannot be held responsible if you feel the pull of a veggie/vegan lifestyle!)

Simply, I’m making a difference in a way I feel morally comfortable with. In a way that allows me to lay my head down at night and sleep without a guilty conscience. In a way that works for me!

I will share views, ideas and strive to educate people on things they may not even know exists, if they welcome it. ¬†Of course, I hope to learn from others along the journey. I am hopeful that this can be achieved without judgement or animosity. And, if as a result, one person decides to change a tiny part of their life, to lessen the impact of suffering on other beings and the planet, then I’ll feel we’ve achieved something. Collectively!

It’s not about any one person’s goal to change the world. The world will not be changed completely and most definitely not overnight. But to do nothing is not an option either, it’s about making small personal changes in order to achieve wider, bigger differences.

My journey will be different from many others and I in no way subscribe to the ‘your either vegan or your not’ thought process. I do not strive to be part of any particular ‘vegan’ club. I just hope to ‘connect’.

I’m many things. No one label defines me and that’s how I hope to stay. I’m a ‘hippie’; a Mama (to Bette); a wife (to my lovely Liz); a lesbian (in case you haven’t clicked), a midwife (a vocation I adore); an advocate (for some who have no voice at all and to others who just sometimes need empowered to use it); a friend; a daughter and (I’d like to think) a decent human being.

I prefer to fight for the ’cause’ and not the label, so if you’re interested in attempting to live compassionately, I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of what I post.

Ultimately, I’m one wee person trying to fill my world with peace, love, compassion and empathy….oh, and laughter. I love to laugh!!!

I hope you stay around and share the journey with my girls and I.


Bobbie x