Expensive vet treatments, swimming & DPF filter hell!

Day 10 vegan.

Today has been tough. Nothing to do with being vegan, that’s been easy!

Everything else has tested my every shred of patience and calm. Back story – my car has been off the road for almost five months (Thanks to Arnold Clark – may HE rest in peace) and today I got it back, fixed!!! Woohoo, I hear you scream with joy. Well, don’t rejoice too much, within 3 hours it was flashing error messages again. So, we’re not much further forward and the cycle continues!

In other news, our wee blind dug, Davey, has a corneal abrasion and, despite throwing money at it with medical treatments, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


It means that soon we’ll be faced with a decision to try surgical treatment, which has to be an absolute last resort due to his grade six heart murmer.

Despite all this, I managed a lovely evening with Bette. We went swimming and she had her dinner from a very well known fast food restaurant. Bette is a vegetarian, and although eats mostly vegan with us, she did have a cheese roll tonight. I’m not sure how much cheese is actually in the orange cheese from these establishments though. 😉

Dinner tonight was fajitas. In all the years I’ve been vegetarian I have never tried frys strips. I cannot believe how amazing they are.


The strips are super ‘meaty’ (well what I can remember of meat) and they taste gorgeous, even without seasoning.


Something I did learn today…I really do not like Alpro GO on yoghurt. It’s sickly sweet and has the oddest, funky taste. Does anyone have amazing yoghurt suggestions? I was always a Greek yoghurt person, rather than flavours.


Time for a wee oatly cappuccino before bed, for a well earned sleep, before starting the madness again tomorrow.


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