Day 11 vegan…

Busy busy day today, so the food hasn’t been the most ‘healthy’ as a lot of it was grab and go. However, it’s all been super tasty!

Lunch was a gorgeous vegan steak-style bake. I haven’t had a steak bake in about 15 years and oh my god….where have these been all my life????


I honestly cannot remember what meat tastes like, but I honestly think this is as close as it gets.

I had a very mediocre sandwich at work, with a NAKD bar (other brands are available).

By the time I got home I was starving….so following a quick top up shop (never send a hungry vegan to the supermarket)…I made a gorgeous wee snack.


Cheatin rashers, served on a sesame seed thin bagel, with egg free garlic mayo and tomato.

And…for a wee treat…


Luka is my auld dug. She’s 14 and she doesn’t even like nuts. But, she has become obsessed with anything that even resembles foodstuff. 😂

Having a friend over for dinner tomorrow. She’s requested something ‘not too vegan-y’, so we’re planning a curry.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 vegan…

  1. Oh, if you’re doing a thai type curry, tesco sells own label ‘prawn-like crackers’ that are vegan. Just check the curry paste for fish paste… Blue dragon spice ‘buttons’ are gd though. Cauldron marinated tofu chunks (not the watery solid tasteless block) are great in curries IMO – . And if you’re doing indian chickpea type curry, Asda and HomeBargains sell sfv naan bread. Happy currying!

    Who said vegans eat dust and leaves?


    • Thankfully we are not fooled by hidden fish sauce etc. Think being a vegetarian for so long prior to this has made the process so much easier. It’s just the milk, whey and eggs we need to check for additionally now.

      Had no idea about the crackers! You are a font of knowledge Sanna. 😍


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