Unlucky for some…but thankfully, not us!

Day 13 vegan.

In summary. Things that have been 🖒

  • A rare Saturday off with my girls.
  • Yummy lunch in a gorgeous wee cafe (see previous post for details!)
  • No rain during our dug walk!
  • Finding some oatly barista in Morrison’s.
  • Finding this little cheeky message on a bar…which made me laugh out loud.

Gotcha. Caught you reading under the flap of a beetroot bar. There’s a place for people like you.

  • Coffee. This always makes me happy!

Family coffee & snack

Now we’re home. Snuggled on the sofa watching ‘Get Out’ ..with a cheeky wee bagel burger (and a can of irn bru). 🤣



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