Land & Sea…without the death for me. ðŸ‘âœŒ

Tonight we rushed to Polmont to experience the vegan menu at Land & Sea.

First off. What a bloody fabulous idea this shop has had. More and more people are ditching animal protein for plant based alternatives and this wee chippie have clearly been paying attention.

It’s VERY well advertised as you approach the chippie. They say placing a ‘vegan’ symbol/sign on food negatively effects sales, but Land & Sea have thrown caution to the wind on this front. They’re doing vegan and they’re proud of it.


One of the many signs on the front and side of the shop.

When you enter you notice the vegan section is completely separate to the rest of the shop. You order at a different point and pay there too. At first i didn’t think anything of it…but whilst waiting for my order I realised I was standing in a little ‘vegan’ pen. You have to be out and proud to enter the pen. 🤣 I made a wee joke that I was going to mingle with the ‘normal’ people, so I didn’t feel so ‘different’ and I did wait outside the vegan square. I guess it’ll be fabulous if there is a big queue for the omnivore side, because we’ll essentially skip everyone (which is always a bonus) but I don’t truly know if I liked such obvious separation. I’m sure there is a perfectly sensible reason for the little pen, but standing in it I did feel like I was at a ‘come see a vegan get excited about pretending to eat fish’ convention.


I didn’t get the full pen in, as I was trying to be discrete. If you stand next to the vegan sign with the arrow you could literally be transformed into living art! 

Whilst standing in my wee pen a guy on the ‘omni’ side of the fence said “don’t worry hen, I’ll still talk to you”. That made me laugh…but it also showed me that we all seen the vegan pen as just that!

That aside. The menu was extensive, for a vegan. It was well thought out and even had a kids selection (which is super rare, in my experience).


We went for the ‘Vish’ and Chips, with a portion of mushy peas. Now…to let you understand, I haven’t had a fish supper for about 10 years. The closest I have had has been halloumi in batter, which of course is not vegan, so is not something I could have now. So…you can appreciate how excited I am at actually ordering a ‘vish’ supper. 💗

After a brief wait, I skipped out the shop with my goodies in a MASSIVE bag.


The MASSIVE bag!!! 😂😂

Now onto the important stuff. The actual food. I’ll get straight to it. The supper was absolutely amazing! The vish was crispy on the outside, but gorgeously soft and creamy inside. The seaweed batter added a gorgeous hint of the sea, which really made you feel like you were having a fish supper. The chips were perhaps the best I’ve had ever in this area (I’m an Ayrshire lassie, so know a guid chip!) and the peas…well, what can you say about peas. They were lovely!


My vish and chips! 💓

The only bad point for me was that the dish was supposed to be served with ‘ta ta’ sauce, but when I got home I realised it was missing. I was proper disappointed! Although it didn’t ruin my dinner, I think it would have added to the taste and if you advertise it…put it in the box, please.

I’d give this chippie 9.5/10. The food was excellent (which is the most important part), the staff were friendly and I’m always impressed when a business tries to include alternative diets. It’s a shame the vegan options are only available on a Tuesday, but it’s better than nothing. They have committed to cooking all their food in vegetable oil, so at least you can get a wee poke of chips on other days of the week. 😉


4 thoughts on “Land & Sea…without the death for me. ðŸ‘âœŒ

  1. Thanks a million for first of all coming to our humble wee chippy, it was a real pleasure serving all our vegan friends tonight. I took up Veganuary this year and have been Vegan ever since and it really made me open my eyes to my own business and how we could do so much more. So we took on the quest to bring you a taste of the chippy vegan style. It has been quite an undertaking and has taken us since the start of the year to workout how to bring it to fruition but here we are finally launching our Vegan menu this evening.

    I’m sorry you felt singled out with our separate service area but we have dedicated 2 of our pans to vegan foods along with 3 staff for service, after discussion we believed this was the best options given we were doing it on an evening and not a dedicated afternoon (which we did when we launched gluten free, and that was restricted to the first Saturday of the month and only in the afternoon), it also keeps it super simple for us to avoid confusion. I have to say it got a bit hectic at teatime in our wee VIP area but it also gave people an opportunity to meet fellow vegans.

    Still getting to grips with service apologies for missing out your Ta Ta sauce and lemon which should have came as standard, we will endeavour to remember.

    We would love to put the vegan menu on 7 days a week but our business as it current stands won’t be able to cope, you never know Land & V might be future venture. A few customers have asked if we can do vegan outwith a Tuesday and we have just stated that we could still fry some of the menu items but our oils will be mixed after Tuesday as all the pans go through a filter system, whereas on a Tuesday both our vegan pans have completely fresh sunflower oil.

    I hope this is helpful and from all of us at Land & Sea we thank you for supporting us in this new venture. Proving it can be done! You never know we might revolutionise the Fish & Chip Industry just as we did with Gluten Free, watch this space! Best Vishes Susan (aka MissChips) and business owner of Land & Sea


    • Susan, Thanks for replying.

      Your vegan menu is fabulous and I will definitely be supporting you. Honestly, I was in heaven eating the vish supper!

      The vegan pen was more jest than anything else. I knew there would be a totally sensible and logistical reason for it. But…it brought a giggle to me.

      On behalf of the local vegan community….I thank you, for allowing us the pleasure of eating vish and chips out the box, with our fingers,like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. Even if it is just a Tuesday! 🤓😐


      • You are more than welcome 🙂 It means I can enjoy something out my own chippy too, for a change 🙂
        Once we get settled we will be putting on some specials, more to come, this is just the beginning 🙂


  2. Your vish supper sounds amazing, I would’ve have missed the ta ta sauce too 😉 There used to be a supermarket accidentally vegan one but I can’t find it/remember who by 😦 Next time you’re in Glasgow drop by Mono and have their Tofish&Chips 🙂 Think me and mook need to do a drive by one day to Polmont after reading the reviews 😉


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