Surely suffering is not necessary…

Warning, before we start, this post may contain some shocking information. As you all know, I don’t go out my way to scare/shock people into veganism, but I’m also not going to avoid talking about topics that mean something to me. It is a vegan blog afterall.

My reasons for becoming vegan may differ from yours. I became vegetarian many many years ago, very suddenly. I was travelling to work (I had corned beef sandwiches in my lunch bag) and I passed a truck transporting cows to the abbatoir (I call It a coo carrying van). As I overtook it I caught the eyes of a brown cow….he/she looked out at me and for a moment we connected (aye, I can almost hear some of you laughing). It let out a big sigh and I could literally feel the pain and see the worry in its eyes. Such beautiful soulful eyes!

I immediately felt overwhelmed with emotion and started crying…I drove to work, got out my car and threw my sandwiches in the bin. I vowed there and then that I would NEVER touch meat again and, true to my word, I never did. I continued to eat cheese and drink milk, because nothing died for that, right?


As I gradually I realised how awful the dairy industry was I knew I had to stop consuming anything associated with it. Yes, I’m absolutely ashamed it took me almost a decade to equip myself with the full knowledge that would lead me to become vegan, but it did. I was ignorant. I was in denial. I thought vegans were mental and I’d be starving. I was wrong and if I could turn back time I would. But…here we are…and finally I have listened to my heart.

I feel it’s only right that I explain the dairy industry, to support and outline why I have these views. I could write loads on the topic, but the video I’m going to post explains it far quicker and better than I could. However, be warned, it’s not a ‘feel good’ clip. Before you press play ask yourself if you’re ready to see the truth behind an industry you are probably heavily involved with. Are you ready for the possibility that after watching it you may be moved enough to give up your cheese…your milk…your yoghurts?

If you’re not ready today…or tomorrow…maybe one day in the future you’ll press play.

Dairy is scary!

I feel that in this day and age, with all the wonderful alternatives to milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese, etc…there really is no reason to inflict such suffering on another living creature.

An oat cappuccino is every bit as enjoyable (if not more) than a cow’s milk one. Vegan cream cheese is gorgeous. Soya cream makes a lovely creamy sauce (and doesn’t even split). There is an abundance of ‘butter’ alternatives, from coconut oil to avocado spreads.

With so much choice, why can’t more of us make more compassionate decisions? Surely there isn’t a person alive who can watch this traumatic footage and not feel moved by the plight of an innocent ‘earthling’ (proper vegan words getting thrown about tonight) just trying to avoid pain and suffering…and live a life?

I don’t think we’ll ever get to a point where the entire world is vegan, sadly. But, if we all made one small change to reduce the demand for animal products, we’d all be making a small contribution, which would have almost no impact on our daily life but would lead to bigger change and different demands on these sectors, right?

Like I say, being a vegan is not all about diet. It’s about much more than that. But ultimately, for me, it’s about living compassionately and responsibly. It’s about being aware of the impact you and your actions have on…well….everything. It’s about showing empathy and trying to be connected to the world we live in. I don’t care what you label it as….but surely we should all strive for some level of that awareness?

My original post tonight was going to be about products, but I got caught up in this and couldn’t bring myself to post about anything else. I’ll do the products one tomorrow.

For now, I’m going to enjoy my ‘guilt-free’ supper and head off to bed.


Thanks for reading this. I’ll probably lose some followers for this post, but I didn’t start this for ‘likes’, I started it to document my journey…and this was a learning curve I went through in my exploration of veganism.


Sleep easy….and let’s all thank our lucky stars we were born human and not a poor cow!


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