The Tudor, Ayr.

Tonight we invited ourselves to a family meal. We obviously had to go to the restaurant they picked, so really weren’t very hopeful of a decent vegan meal.

We called the restaurant prior to going to enquire about any vegan choices they may have. Sadly, for us…they had NO VEGAN OPTIONS on the menu!

However, all was not lost…because the staff were super friendly and were more than happy to alter dishes to make them vegan.

After a brief chat with our waitress we agreed on vegetable tempura with chilli sauce as our starter. It was absolutely gorgeous….big chunks of broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and pepper rings. It wasn’t at all greasy and tasted really fresh, with lovely crunchy veg. I forgot to take a picture as I was too busy laughing and yapping with my uncles.

For the main we established that the vegetarian fajitas could be veganised if we left off the sour cream and cheeses. We added extra guacamole and took our own coconut cream (as you do!) to use as sour cream.


Gorgeous crunchy vegetables in a sticky hoi sin like sauce.

The fajitas were absolutely gorgeous. They had peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli and potatoes. Never would I have thought to include tatties in fajitas, but they REALLY worked!

Overall, considering the Tudor didn’t have a single vegan option on their menu, I’d give them 10/10 for our delicious meal!

I’d suggest they don’t sell themselves short and add a little sentence to their menu saying dish X, Y and Z can be veganised. Because, they pulled it out the bag tonight.

No puddings for us, as you’d expect, but that’s a tiny little criticism of an overall lovely meal.

Thanks for being so helpful and going to the effort of making a dish, or two, for us. We greatly appreciate it.

If God didn’t intend for us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat? 🙈🙉🙊

As most of you already know, I am not an extremist vegan. I very much live my life the way I feel comfortable with and strive to do no harm along the way. For me, the most compassionate way to do this is to live life as a vegan. I live a compassionate life, to lessen the impact of my existence on fellow earthlings, the planet and the future of this world.

I do post about different topics….some of which can be disturbing to some, such as the dairy industry and animal testing. I do this to inform people and share knoweldge. I don’t do it to scare people or make them feel guilty for their choices. I simply want to provide information to allow people to make informed decisions.

Something that has been tickling me for the last few days is the strange phenomenon of omnivires, usually men, feeling the need to comment on anything vegetarian/vegan/animal related. I read hundreds  (ok…ok…probably thousands) of blogs/forums etc and see the same behaviour over and over again .

For example…there is quite a big push social media wide for trialling a 7 day meat free diet. On several of these posts I’ve witnessed loads of men saying stuff like “take out the kale and add steak and you’re onto a winner”….”this puts me in the mood for a big steak”….”Oh man, I’m now craving a hamburger!!”.

Why do people feel the need to do this?? Why do, in my experience, men need to post about devouring meat at every opportunity. Does meat equal masculinity??

I mean, I dont spend my life going onto videos and recipes for steak/chicken or pork and write “If you took out the chicken and added broccoli or broad beans you’d be on to a winner!”….or….”all this talk of steak is putting me right in the mood for scrambled tofu”.

Why do folk go onto pages they clearly have zero interest in to post an inane comment like the ones above?? 🤣🤣

I also notice it happens when people post videos or pictures of farm animals, such as cows, chickens or pigs. The same folk say shit like…”I love steak!!”….”Heading straight down to KFC”. Or, for me…the worst one I’ve heard was someone describing piglets as “yummy slabs of bacon”. I mean, really??? Looking at a living, breathing newborn animal and just seeing meat? That’s not normal to me! It’s one thing liking meat, but devaluing a living creature to the point of not even recognising it as a life is psychotic to me!

Don’t get me wrong. There are many many mental vegans out there. Vegans who forget this lifestyle is about compassion…to ALL living creatures, which of course includes other humans.

I’ve heard every point of view surrounding eating animals….

“God created animals for us to eat!” 🤣

“It’s the food chain. We’re at the top. It’s just how nature intended it.” 🤔

“You’ll be infertile if you don’t consume animal protein…thats a fact!” 🤔🤓😂

“If you walked through a field with a lion….he’d eat you. That’s the natural order.” (This one confused me, as the same person provided we’re at the top of the food chain quote!) 😂

“If we didn’t eat cows and sheep they’d become extinct.” (Yeah! Because we don’t ever see cats, dogs, hamsters, etc any more!)

“If we didn’t cull to eat them they’d take over the world….” I’ll just leave you to ponder this cracker!

I’m sure you could add a hundred more reasons that you’ve heard (and feel free to leave them in the comments, I love a laugh!). But…truth is…there is no need to farm animals the way we do, or to consume the quantities of meat we currently do. It’s not healthy for the planet or for our body! With so many plant based alternatives available to us, we should all strive to reduce the consumption of animals and discourage the practice of factory farming.

End of rant….😁

Some people are so poor all they have is money…

Nobody said it was cheap being a vegan. We don’t eat processed food (as a general rule), we use fresh plant based ingredients for every meal. Our shopping usually consists of 80% fruit and vegetables, 10% grains/pasta etc and 10% other items (coffee, sauces, etc). Today….we went equipped with a VERY detailed list and we came home with £105 worth of delicious vegan goodies.

In fairness, this haul will last us for 10-12 days. So it’s not a huge amount per day, but I did watch people go through the checkout with trolleys packed with frozen, processed rubbish; loads of animal proteins/products; alcohol and their trolley came to less than ours!

There is something fundamentally wrong with this! It should not be cheaper to buy rubbish and flesh of a being, than it is to buy plant based fresh food.

I’m forever impressed with Aldi. As well as having fab veg at fab prices, it has now started doing some powders and supplements to add into your diet. I normally buy all of these things from Holland and Barrett, but decided I’d give these a go. They were super cheap, so I’ll use them in my smoothies and let you all know how the fair with their extortionate counterparts.


Dinner tonight was a new dish for me. I decided to try a West African Peanut ‘soup’.


Very few ingredients required.

This recipe was super easy to follow. You literally just throw everything into the stock and let it cook down. (I’ll post a separate recipe later, for those interested).

The end result was DELICIOUS!


West African Peanut ‘soup’ with kale and sweet potatoes. Served with bulgar wheat and roasted cauliflower.

I’d say this has shot to the top of my favourite meals list. It’s actually heaven in a bowl!!! And to think people actually believe vegans have a boring diet and struggle to eat ‘anything’. Pffftttt!! 🤣

Before we left today we had a real lunch of champions. I skipped breakfast, which is rare, but made up for it with an extra half of bagel.


Bagel with houmous, avocado, tomato and seeds. 💗

Liz is in to marmite in a HUGE way right now, so she swapped the houmous for vegan cream cheese and the seeds for marmite.


Marmite, do you love it or hate it?

Plan for tonight is to relax (perhaps enjoy a wee coconut cappuccino and some alpro chocolate over fruit later) and watch a movie.

We have been trying to watch more movies recently. If you haven’t seen ‘I, Daniel Blake…’ I urge you all to watch it before you go down to cast your vote. It really is an emotive and informative movie, about the reality of our benefits system. Referring to state assistance as ‘benefits’ is absurd. They make it sound like a luxury, like you’re really hitting the big-time if you’re lucky enough to be in receipt of it. 🤣

Hope you’ve had a good day, whatever you’ve been up to. ✌

Meal planning…Lists and Food Shop Prep. 🤗

The time has come to do the ‘big shop’ again. This time comes around twice a month….the rest of the time I just pop in for a ‘couple of things’, several times a week, and spend forty quid a pop! 🤣

I’ve always been very particular about the food shop. I love a list….or 4!

Rules of the process…

  1. Everyone involved in the process must eat prior to commencement of the list making.
  2. Only I can write on the lists.
  3. Items must be listed in store running orders.
  4. We discuss the options for meals before I make all decisions! 😉
  5. I must retain the written list on my person at ALL times following its completion.

Can’t beat a list….

So, before we started I whipped us up a quick pasta dish. Our vegan comfort food is definitely avocado pasta…with some olive oil garlic ciabatta.


I have very little to say today. I’ve been working…I’m starving and I’m tired.

I did find out something very interesting over the weekend though.

Are you all familiar with the new polymer bank notes?

Did you know that these notes are not suitable for vegans as they contain an animal fat known as tallow?

The good news is….

Scotland have confirmed that all their polymer bank notes are now suitable for vegans and vegetarians as they are not using tallow.

England have not made this commitment and as such you should know that your notes issued by an English bank will still not be vegan.


Why they need animal products in notes is beyond me. It seems we just like stuffing death and suffering into everything we possibly can . But…it’s good news that Scotland have recognised the use of tallow is not ethical and as such made a change. It shows….being vocal pays off!

Let’s continue to be the change!

From now on….any English polymer notes I get will be returned straight to the store/bank, but I’ll happily accept and use Scottish issued notes.

On a separate issue. Anyone who knows us will know the tale of our little dog, Davey.

Davey was given to us as a puppy because he had a very serious genetic heart condition, he wasn’t really expected to have much of a life. Despite this poor prognosis, Davey the wonder dog has continued to defy all odds and is going strong 8.5 years later. He had a grade 6 heart murmur, is blind and suffers anxiety as a result. He goes everywhere with us and cannot cope without us being with him.

He has recently had an accident (common in blind dogs) which has caused a corneal abrasion. As he was ill from birth, he’s never been eligible for insurance. So, we’ve been paying for all this treatment without help from insurers. As it stands his eye has some vessels and we’re continuing on with medical treatment (anaesthetic is SOOOOOO risky), but he’s already cost in excess of 4 figures in treatments and we’re far from over.

We set up a crowdfund page in the hopes we may get some assistance with the cost of his treatment . It’s due to end in a few days and we’ve done well…but I thought I’d use my blog for one last push. I set the target at £300 and we’re nearly there, but as I said…his treatment has already far exceeded this total.

If you can donate, even a pound, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t, please include Davey in your thoughts and prayers. 🙌

If you can help…please pop over to his page and donate.

If you can’t….like I say….send some positive energy his way. He’ll appreciate it!

From all of us here….

Peace, Love and Laughter! ✌🤣💗

Glasgow Vegan Festival.

Today was the day for the long awaited Glasgow Vegan Festival. The event was on from 11am Saturday until 5pm Sunday (not 24 hours, you understand, it did close at 5pm each night). We’ve had this date in our dairy for quite a while .

It was held in the Trades Hall on Glassford Street and entry cost £3 on the door.

The building is absolutely gorgeous and it was wel laid out, considering. However, to say it was roasting was an understatement. I felt like I was perusing stalls on the surface of the sun! There wasn’t a breath of air in the place to begin with, then when you add hundreds of vegans into the mix…it all gets a bit unbearable! I was a wee bit crabbit, if I’m being 100% truthful.

Nice touches….

Once you paid in at the door there was a wee table selling Vegan Life and Cook Vegan magazines for £1.50, instead of the usual £4.99. This, I liked!!


If I’m totally truthful, I wasn’t super impressed with the festival. I am ALWAYS happy when veganism is promoted and celebrated/enjoyed by the masses, but I just didn’t feel there was very much to see.

I was at the Edinburgh festival recently and the quality and quantity of stalls far outweighed the Glasgow selection.

There was one and a half rooms of stalls…perhaps 20 in total. The food was kept separate, which was definitely for the best as that room was like the bowels of hell in terms of heat.

They had the usual merchandise stalls, the lovely Alternative Grocery Store guy with all his wares, and some fox hunting/fracking subscription stalls.

To be honest, I couldn’t concentrate on browsing too much as I was roasting and it was BUSY!

Upstairs, and I mean UP STAIRS!!!!…there were talks and demos…and childrens yoga with Lindsay, which our little Bettelicious thoroughly enjoyed (for an hour).

I was keen to buy a theVEGANkind box, but they were totally sold out. 😭

Downstairs was the epicentre of the festival…the food area. Sadly, for us…most of the stalls were already sold out (we arrived at midday, so not late) and as a result EVERYONE seemed to be flocking towards one stall. This is where my experience became really enjoyable….food, of course.

After a VERY long wait, we got to the front of the queue. Sadly, they had sold out of rolls….at this point I really did want to throw myself on the floor and take a tantrum. But…there wasn’t enough floor space and I think it would have been judged quite harshly. So, instead…I ordered it with the bread instead!

I had an ‘egg’ and ‘bacon’ sandwich, with mayonnaise.


This picture does not do it justice. Head to my Facebook page ( for a video of the gooey ‘yolk’ running out it. 💗

This sandwich was amazing. I would have preferred the pretzel roll, but it was gorgeous on the bread too.

Liz got a ‘steak’ and cheese roll, again…without the roll.


There was no facility for cold water/juice, so we took leave after the food was placed into our sweaty hands and headed outside to eat it on the pavement of Glassford Street, like a hobo! Happy hobos!

On a side note….do not ever buy this chocolate. It’s awful. It peels itself out the packet and jumps into your mouth….even when you don’t want it.


Vega. The chocolate of the vegan Gods! 💗

I was hoping to pick up amazing vegan pies….vegan meat and chocolate…but sadly they had all sold out. So, overall not a very productive trip for me.

That being said. I enjoyed it. And I ate well….even if just for one meal! ✌

The Lotus.

I haven’t done a review in a while, mainly because I haven’t had time to galavant around the place trying out new food places.

However, as we were travelling through Glasgow around dinner time tonight (that’s 7ish to us) we decided to try the Lotus vegetarian (although in fairness it’s all vegan except 3 dishes) Chinese restaurant.

The Lotus Vegetarian Cuisine Limited, to give it its official name, can be found on Bridge Street in Glasgow. There is handy parking right outside, if you go after 6pm, and a wee pay and display a stone’s throw away if you visit during the day.

Inside the restaurant is pretty modest. It’s absolutely spotless and the staff are perhaps the friendliest I have ever encountered.

I usually take a picture of the menu, but to be honest I was too excited by the vast choice that I forgot entirely. Let’s just say there is at least four pages of vegan yumminess for you to peruse!

They also make it abundantly clear that NOTHING is too much bother. Everything is made fresh, to order and they’re happy to alter dishes or make up whatever you want.

For us, the most exciting part was the vegan ‘prawn crackers’. I haven’t been able to enjoy a prawn cracker for well over a decade…and tonight…I thought I was going to die and go to heaven! I know…I know…calm down, it’s only a prawn cracker. But…to me, it was a big deal!



With so much choice we took a while to decide what we were having, but we eventually opted for vegan prawn toast and deep fried dumplings for starters.


You get 4 bits, but Liz stole a piece off the plate before I took the photo.

The prawn toast was gorgeous. Have no idea what it was filled with, but it was pink and fishy and the texture was right. It was a really gorgeous dish.


Little pockets of salty, crispy gorgeousness.

Again, I dont know what these were filled with but I’d guess tofu and veggies. Regardless, they were perfect! The dipping sauce was also lush!

For the main I ordered Szechuan tofu and fried rice. This dish was absolutely amazing. It tasted so fresh and vibrant. It was medium spiced and the tofu itself was exquisite. Soft and creamy but packed full of flavour.


Szechuan tofu.

Liz had….wait for it…sweet and sour ‘chicken balls’ with boiled rice.


Delicious little crispy balls! (Don’t pervert the innocence of a food blog!)

These truly were amazing. I again, have no idea what the balls were actually made of. They didn’t taste of quorn or anything, so perhaps a soya protein they make themselves into balls? Regardless, the sauce was THE BEST I’ve tasted, and the texture of the chicken balls took me back to my omni days. For me, this dish was LOVE!

Bette had a love affair with the boiled rice, she ate loads and stated “this is the most good restaurant I’ve ever been to”. That’s straight from a four year old’s mouth. She thought her food was so good it made her want to cry! 😂  So really, everything I’ve said is totally unnecessary! 👍

Bette enjoyed a BIG bowl of vegan chocolate ice cream before we settled the bill.

If you’re going here you should know, they don’t serve alcohol…or meat, of course. The portion sizes are massive (but shamefully we ate nearly everything). Everything is cooked to order (and MSG free), so its not fast food. We sat down at 8.15pm and didn’t leave until 10pm. We waited a while between starter and main meal, a little bit longer than I’d have liked, but as soon as the food arrived I totally forgot about the wait. You become immersed in the flavours of the dishes and the waiting time seems like a distant memory. I’d do it all over again, rather similar to childbirth! 😉 Finally, the price is super reasonable…so you won’t need to remortgage your house for a meal here!

I’d give this little gem of a place a solid 10 out of 10!

A lovely experience from start to finish! We will definitely be back.

Thanks Lotus…for making vegan dining an absolute pleasure!! 💓

Comfort food & chocolate ! 😊

Working nights….haven’t had an actual day off since last Thursday. So, this will be brief.

The palm oil in our hazelnut spread bothered me, so I’ve been searching for an alternative.

Finally, I found something.


Sweet Freedom chocolate spread. 

This particular brand is all natural, uses fruit sugars for sweetness and best of all…doesn’t contain any palm oil.


Ticks a lot of boxes that matter to me!

Truth is….jury is out on the taste. It has a bitterness that isn’t there with the other spread. It has an almost coffee taste at the end. It’s nice….but not comparible with the hazelnut spread.

I’ve slept all day and feel like I’m maybe getting the cold. So, it had to be comfort food for us tonight . What’s the best comfort food??

Macaroni cheese ✌


The ‘cheese’ sauce blitzed and ready to be added to the pasta!

Tonight we had it with frozen chips and peas . I’m so full now I could burst!!


Creamy, gooey gorgeousness.

Heading to work now. Would rather stay home and snuggle on the sofa, but such is life.

Some hae meat and cannae eat….and some wad eat that want it…but I don’t want meat and I cannae fucking eat….in my packed lunch I’m thankit!

Why, when there is such an amazing selection of plant based foods out there, can you not get anything when you’re trying to grab and go?? Is it so hard to imagine putting rice and avocado without a big lump of chicken on top? Or pasta with tomato and nae cheese?

It’s torture!!! Overall I’m usually pretty successful with my grab and go days, but today was dire!

Behold….Waitrose’s lunch selection….


All of that food and they can’t provide one vegan option??? Have the never heard of houmous or falafel??

Eventually, after reading the fine print of everything I found a wee packet of veggie sushi that was accidentally vegan! Woooooohooooo!!!

Vegan food is in no way hard to make.

For example…you could fire some vegan cream cheese on a bit of toast with avocado, tomato and marmite as I’ve done below. Cheap, easy and bloody tasty.


Or….a vegan burrito. Loaded with avocado, black beans and rice.


Got this from a wee place in silverburn.

And if you’ve got more time…


Orzo pasta in a butternut squash sauce with kale and onions.

I’ve also discovered some amazing vegan pate. It’s really really tasty. I’d say it’s more like the cheap meat spreads, but it’s amazing.


My point is….if manufacturers thought a bit more about ingredients, they’d be able to make easy vegan choices.

Thankfully M&S and Starbucks got it right for me this weekend. So it’s not all bad.


A Buddha bowl and juice. Plus, a bar of amazing chocolate (which wasn’t for me btw…it was for us all at home)


Starbucks got it right too!

I always make my own lunch, but this weekend was madness and I didn’t manage it.

Lesson – don’t rely on food outlets for lunch on the go, always make your own!

Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man…

You don’t have to do a lot of searching to find a plethora of quotes on animal cruelty.

George Bernard Shaw said

“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.”

I have thought long and hard about this very thing. How so many people walk around completely detached from the food on their plate. When people hear you’re vegan, many times they hit you with something along the lines of…”Oh, I love animals, but cheese tastes so good.” or “Oh, don’t tell/show me what they do to them…*whilst covering their ears/eyes*…I can’t bear it”.

So, people know that horrible things happen, but just chose to pretend it doesn’t and carry on eating anything their belly desires?

I cannot understand this mentality. How can we, as sentient beings, walk around contributing to terrible things (and know we are) but convince ourselves that because we don’t actively hear what happens we’re innocent??

I’m finding it hard driving around at the moment – I’m seeing loads of little calves in fields. None of them can be more than a few months old, with not a Mummy in sight. There they are, lying in the warmth of the midday sun. Enjoying life, albeit without their Mum by their side. They have absolutely no idea the horror their life will become…


I don’t know about you, but for me I hope I’ll live a long, happy life. I hope I’m able to love and be loved. I pray I’m able to be free from pain and suffering…and (because it is inevitable) I really hope, when my time comes, that I have a peaceful and painless death. I don’t want to feel fear or terror when my last moments come. Isn’t that a similar picture to everyone’s?

Sadly, for any animal born into the factory farming business….these very basic wishes will never be met.

Let’s look at cows. They are only bred for one of two purposes – beef or dairy. If you’re lucky enough to come back as a cow…pray you’re born on a sanctuary that’s owned by a hippie vegan. If you’re not lucky enough for that…and let’s face it, you won’t be. Then maybe the life of a bullock would be the best option. Will you be free of suffering? Hell no! Will you live a long happy life? Don’t be daft!!!

A male calf will be removed from his Mum quickly (usually within 12-24 hours). This is VERY distressing to both the baby and the Mum. As you can imagine, she cries for her baby and he very much cries for her. A cow can recognise the unique cry of its calf and vice versa. They’ve been known to call out to each other for days.

Let’s take veal for an example. This little calf is the bi-product of the milk industry. A cow (like her human counterpart) lactate in response to pregnancy and birth…with the sole purpose of feeding her baby. So…she has to birth a baby cow in order to produce milk. Calves from ‘dairy’ cows are less suitable for meat that those born into the beef industry, so these calves are often shot at birth – born to die, unnecessary consequences of milk production. Shockingly, 55’000 calves are shot every year in the UK, immediately after being birthed from a dairy cow.

The remainder of these little guys are destined for the ‘veal pen’, this is where the party really starts. They will be kept in dark pens – so small they cannot turn around, lie down or even have a good stretch. Heaven forbid they get to use any muscles, I mean veal is renound for its anaemic soft flesh. I use the word anaemic on purpose here, as…wait for it…the milk substitute they are given is deliberately lacking in iron and essential nutrients so the calve is anaemic, which gives the pale colour that is considered desirable to the buyer! *vom*

Have I repulsed you yet? Oh, right…you don’t eat veal, so this is all nothing to do with you?

Actually, you drink milk? eat cheese? partake in a yoghurt or two? Then you VERY much do contribute to this little fella’s story.

So, after the very brief time in the veal pen (usually 14-18 weeks) these BABIES are taken to a slaughter house. They’re seeking maternal comfort so much that they’ve been known to suckle on the fingers of the slaughter-men. Human babies suck to self sooth….would it be to abhorrent to imagine that these little things do the same?

What a fucking life, eh? Makes you happy you’re not a cow!

These little beings never see the sun; touch the earth; eat the grass. They’re simply born – and before they have even had the umbilical cord severed from their mother, their fate is sealed. Literally born to die!

If you’re one of the lucky bastards that get to graze – woohoo, your life is relatively limited in terms of torture. You’ve only got to endure castration, without anaesthetic by the way, because pffft….you’re only a cow, you can’t need anaesthetic or analgesia. You’ll have your horns burned off and be branded. Oh, and have your ear pierced and even maybe your nose! The big bonus to this life is…you get to feel the grass…lie on it, taste it, run if you want. Shortly before you’re due to be murdered…I mean, slaughtered humanely for food…you’ll be moved to a ‘fattening shed’, where you’ll be fed loads of grains and high calorie food to ‘fatten you up’. You’re life will be ended around 20-24 months following your birth (sometimes they can even get 5 years). In your prime – but, you should know, you didn’t die in vain…hundreds of people found you delicious in their sandwich!! That gives your life real purpose, right?

Anyway, if all of that hasn’t freaked you out enough, let’s explore, briefly, the life of a female calf.

Now…this story can’t possibly be as tragic? No way, I hear you say. I mean, come on….a cow doesn’t die for its milk. 😩

Sorry pals, that’s totally not true! A female is born into a life with a fate pre-written for her. She will be removed almost immediately from her Mum, which makes perfect sense. Mummy is going to produce tons of milk immediately to feed her baby and we can’t have that baby getting any of the precious milk destined for us! Come on…get a grip!

The baby is removed and placed in a lovely nursery type pen, with grass…lovely comfy hay beds and a foster Mummy, who lovingly fills the hole left by her mother. Only kidding!!! She’s removed and placed into a solitary pen, where she spends the first 8 weeks of her miserable little life. Calves are energetic and need to play, but the stalls don’t allow for that. They are fed on milk replacement from a bucket or bottle.

After 8 weeks of age they are moved into shared accommodation  (or out to pasture if weather permits). Despite in the wild feeding from mum for 9 months, these little ladies will be weaned by a few months old.

By 18 months it’s time to start earning her keep, so to speak. She will be inseminated for the first, but not last time. The poor girl doesn’t even get a hint of enjoyment from that experience…instead the farmer uses artificial insemination. A cow is being milked and pregnant at the same time for 7 months of every year!! This is very painful for her and she is often suffering from mastitis and trauma as a result.

After 9 months she births her beautiful baby….only for it to be taken and the process to be repeated 2-3 months later!

Due to the tremendous strain on a cow, she usually burns out within 4-5 years. So…when she falls down with exhaustion she gets picked up and retired to a lovely field where she lives out her days in cow bliss, right?

Eh, no! 😭

She gets bundled in a van and taken to slaughter…where she gets made into LOW GRADE burgers and dog food!

🤧 Is there anything worse than being a cow???

I think not! ✌

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture….

I haven’t posted since I started my nights. I make no apologies for this…truth is…I’m absolutely gubbed!

NOTHING happens when you’re working nights…other than you work, come home…sleep (poorly) then get up and go back to work. Food takes a back seat…the world stops. Anyone who works nights will relate to this, I’m sure.

This morning marked the end. I never sleep much on my last day, so I came home…downed a kale smoothie…and went to bed. I slept for three hours before getting up. It’s sore! All your body wants to do is sleep.

As a result…we couldn’t face throwing together any food. Lucky for us, it’s vegan Tuesday…which means we could get a wee vish supper from Land and Sea again. They’ve added vegan black pudding to the menu . Can you believe it? A vegan black pudding? Heaven!


Vish & chips with ‘ta ta’ sauce and lemon wedge….with mushy peas!

As usual, the vish supper was amazing. We got an extra bit of vish tonight and it was much better this time, than last time. The batter has a fishier taste and was thicker. We got the sauce and lemon too…so we were very happy!

Ten out of ten for the food…with zero washing up. Everything just for plonked into the recycling.

I followed the vish supper with some lovely vegan wine….a wine with an ironic name…


It’s been the first red liquid I’ve had from the butcher’s block for many many years. The wine is clearly labelled vegan and was excellent! It markets itself as full bodied, but I’d argue it’s more medium bodied. That being said…it’s fruity, smooth and fabulous. I’ll definitely buy it again…and again…and again!

Belly full….alcohol has hit my sleep deprived brain. I’m ready to slump into a sleep coma in bed.

I’ll write more tomorrow…and I promise normal service will be resumed.

Goodnight. ✌