Sleep deprivation is a form of torture….

I haven’t posted since I started my nights. I make no apologies for this…truth is…I’m absolutely gubbed!

NOTHING happens when you’re working nights…other than you work, come home…sleep (poorly) then get up and go back to work. Food takes a back seat…the world stops. Anyone who works nights will relate to this, I’m sure.

This morning marked the end. I never sleep much on my last day, so I came home…downed a kale smoothie…and went to bed. I slept for three hours before getting up. It’s sore! All your body wants to do is sleep.

As a result…we couldn’t face throwing together any food. Lucky for us, it’s vegan Tuesday…which means we could get a wee vish supper from Land and Sea again. They’ve added vegan black pudding to the menu . Can you believe it? A vegan black pudding? Heaven!


Vish & chips with ‘ta ta’ sauce and lemon wedge….with mushy peas!

As usual, the vish supper was amazing. We got an extra bit of vish tonight and it was much better this time, than last time. The batter has a fishier taste and was thicker. We got the sauce and lemon too…so we were very happy!

Ten out of ten for the food…with zero washing up. Everything just for plonked into the recycling.

I followed the vish supper with some lovely vegan wine….a wine with an ironic name…


It’s been the first red liquid I’ve had from the butcher’s block for many many years. The wine is clearly labelled vegan and was excellent! It markets itself as full bodied, but I’d argue it’s more medium bodied. That being said…it’s fruity, smooth and fabulous. I’ll definitely buy it again…and again…and again!

Belly full….alcohol has hit my sleep deprived brain. I’m ready to slump into a sleep coma in bed.

I’ll write more tomorrow…and I promise normal service will be resumed.

Goodnight. ✌


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