Day 26…The Recovery!

Again, sorry there was no post from me yesterday. We had a busy second day in the theme park, followed by a long car journey home. We walked in the door at 1am and there was NO WAY I had it in me to do a blog post.

Today is going to be all about unpacking, washing and recovery. I can’t believe how much walking you do when you’re at Alton Towers.

We thoroughly enjoyed our wee mini break. We stayed in the ‘Enchanted Village’ and for anyone considering going I would highly recommend this. Especially if you have little kids.


A magical wee village nestled in the woods. 

The village is set up for families. There are little play areas and fun little things to explore all around it. Right in the centre is ‘The Crooked Spoon’, a pub restaurant, for all your food and alcohol needs! 😂

This is where we had our breakfast on Tuesday morning. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t excited about the prospect of breakfast  given the fact inside the theme park had no vegan options. I had checked The Crooked Spoon’s menu for dinner on arrival and they had nothing, so I assumed breakfast would be a wash out.

I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. They were very accommodating when we explained we were vegan. The girl promptly brought us vegan sausages and highlighted what on the buffet table was vegan.

I knew we were out of luck for food inside the park, so I took advantage of the breakfast buffet and ate as much as I could.


I used my own ‘butter’ and oatly.

The breakfast was good. I’d have preferred my mushrooms a little more crispy as they kind of had the texture of a slug…but…beggers can’t be chosers, so I ate them up!

Day 2 in the park was far better than day 1. Hardly any queues. I even managed to ride Rita and Thirteen.

We spent the afternoon in CBeebees land. Bette met lots of characters and I think it’s fair to say she had an absolute blast. She loved Mr Bloom’s Allotment and met some baby veg. The experience of the veg babies obviously confused her as she said to me later in the day…and I quote….”Mama, I can’t eat vegetables now because they have eye balls’. Oh oh….a vegetarian child who can’t eat vegetables. I knew the talking veg would confuse her. I’ve explained that only Mr Bloom’s veg have eyes..because they’re magic veg…and normal vegetables don’t. Let’s hope that works!!


Our packed lunch was running out, but thankfully breakfast sustained us, so we got by on some tangerines, TREK oat bars, pretzels, breadsticks and raisins. We did make an attempt at getting a coffee, but their coffee machines are all pre-loaded, so all they can offer is soya (everywhere is obsessed with soya!) so water sufficed.

Overall we had a fabulous time. Would highly recommend it to other families and will definitely return.

We drove home via an amazing wee vegan foody find and thoroughly enjoyed the coconut cappuccino from Starbucks on the way home.

Normal service resumes shortly, but not before we celebrate baby B’s birthday on Saturday!

Expect bouncy castle pics and my mum’s first vegan catering event pictures. 😁

Have a good day…whatever you’re up to! ✌


Surely I can’t be the only vegan in Alton Towers?

Firstly, sorry I didn’t do a blog post last night, but we left Scotland at 4pm (after a busy day) and arrived in Stoke-on-trent around 9pm. I just didn’t have a post in me.

We REALLY struggled with food on the road down. Thankfully, I anticipated this may be the case and made a superb packed lunch.


We stopped for a cup of tea at Starbucks on the way down, but ended up with a crappy McDonalds meal on arrival as everywhere else was shut!

This morning we woke up and decided to hit the little chef for breakfast. Well…that experience is a blog post all of its own. I will review that totally separate, but let’s just say it was an ‘experience’.

Today, we did Alton Towers (right now I feel like Alton Towers did me!) In total, we’ve walked about 7.5 miles…and went on a total of about 8 rides. That aside, it’s been a fabulous day.


Baby B waiting patiently for one of the rides.

My only complaint is….THERE IS NOTHING FOR A VEGAN TO EAT!!! Not a sausage… to speak! In fact, there mere mention of the V word sends them into a glaze!

We could eat chips, of course. But not another thing. They apparently do quorn hot dogs, so we enquired if they were vegan, but shockingly were told they had no quorn sausages. So…if you’re veggie or vegan in the park, expect to starve (or pack a VERY good packed lunch!).


We had tons of food packed, so we didn’t starve. But…if we had arrived unprepared, we most definitely would have!

We arrived in the park, bright eyed and bushy tailed, at 11.30am. We dragged ourselves out at 6pm…shadows of our former selfs. I can’t believe the amount of walking between rides. Tomorrow (yup, two days of this!) we will invest in a wee buggy for Bettelicious (but if I can fit in it….bonus!). We purchased one of those ‘refill’ bottles at the door….but struggled to fill it anywhere in the park, despite it saying you can fill it everywhere. That’s just plain lies!

On arrival this morning we reserved a table in the ‘secret garden’ of the Alton Towers hotel. As you can imagine, after all that walking, we were pretty hungry.

Surprise surprise….no vegan option. We spoke to our ‘very knowledgable server’ as per the instruction on the menu, but the minute the lassie heard the word vegan you could literally see the life drain from her. She went to the kitchen to chat to the chef.

After about 10 minutes she returned with…wait for it…one dish that we could eat!!! She told us the mushroom risotto on the menu wouldn’t be vegan because of the sauce, but if we wanted it vegan he would make it with normal rice (not risotto) and it would just be plain. So, in summary…we could have boiled rice with a few mushrooms scattered on it and pay £11 for the privilege. Of course, we opted for the bread started (vegan!) and linguini pasta in a tomato sauce.


Oh…and a Stella!


Despite the fact the life physically drained from the waitress (and I’d imagine the chef) when the vegans turned up…the meal was actually gorgeous! Not worth the money we paid, but we are in a theme park and they very much have a captive audience.

I finished the night enjoying a selection of cocktails, whilst my wain played in an indoor pirate ship (as you do!).

Overall, a fabulous day! Tomorrow we get to do it all again. Yehhaaaa!

I’ll post my little chef review later, along with a wee Alton Towers thing that didn’t impress me!

Hope you’ve all had a fab bank holiday weekend.