Day 20 Vegan.

That’s it. I’ve had enough! I’m throwing in the towel!

Only kidding!

I’m still loving this journey, even if I keep forgetting to take things for lunch like oatmilk and spread, so have to drink black builders tea (sounds racist. I’m sure I could punctuate this better, but I’m too tired. So, before you freak out. I mean tea with no milk!) and eat dry toast!

What I have noticed is that I am consuming far less calories per day than I did before eating vegan. I average about 1000-1200 per day now, most of which are made up of fruits, veg, pulses and a tiny amount of soya. I am also nowhere near as hungry as often and definitely crave different types of food.

That being said. Today marks the end of a long, stressful run at work and the beginning of 14 days of annual leave! Woooohooooooo!!!!

We had a emotional early evening at the vets, trying to decide what’s best for our little blind boy: Davey.

So, seeing as we hadn’t eaten since lunch and it was fast approaching 7pm when we got out of the vets, we opted for a VERY un-healthy McDonald’s.


Tonight…the blog should be called ‘What Fat Vegans Eat!’. I had the spicy veggie delux without mayo (but, fear not…I had my egg free mayo in my pocket, because that’s how us mad vegans roll) with chips and a drink. Followed by a cuppa tea (I had my oatly in my other pocket! 🤣). And because Mcdonalds have ZERO vegan pudding choices, I was forced to watch a wee boy eat his chocolate muffin (like I was a Labrador); vicariously enjoying his dessert, whilst sipping said tea.

I’ll write a totally separate blog post about my wee Davey dog, but for now I need to get some sleep. We’re leaving on Sunday for a trip to Alton Towers (don’t worry, my hoose isn’t empty so don’t get any mad ideas about breaking in and stealing all my oatly barista and monkey nuts!!! The dogs are staying home with their Aunty to make sure all is well).

I’ll be packing the toiletries tomorrow, so I’ll have an opportunity to blog about some cruelty free options available on the high street.

Until then.


I’m not sure eating one’s child is considered vegan? But…we think it’s funny!

Peace out! ✌❤