The irony of your face turning to leather when you’re a vegan!

The last week has been HELL for me with hayfever. I’ve always suffered, but never like this. I’m at a point where my entire face is actually turning to leather….a vegan with a leather face??? That’s got to be a cruel joke!

My eyes are on fire. Swollen. Burning. Wattering. My face is so painful and the skin is hard and burning. Even my lips are agony.

I’ve tried all the over the counter and herbal remedies, but nothing will touch this level of irritation. So, last resort…a visit to my local general practitioner. She agreed I’m in a bad way and prescribed some meds that should hopefully help. Anyone who knows me will know I’m very anti non essential medicating…vaccinating…etc. (that’s an entirely other post).


Now, before we go any further. No medication is technically vegan. We all know this. But…for me…I need to take medication at times and although I’d prefer it to be vegan, if it is not, I’m still going to take it. A dead vegan is no use to anyone! You can’t do much fighting for a cause if you’re pushing up daisys. Of course, hayfever will not end my life…but I’m miserable and I may commit an atrocious act to an innocent by passer because of my constant pain and irritibility. So, for me…the risk outweighs the bad.

Lunch today was left over sweet tattie and white bean chilli, with some rice and a blitzed avocado with loads of chilli and lemon juice.

Now for some house work…and to convince my child that she needs to have a shower.


Btw…have you any idea how hard it is to find a lip balm suitable for vegans?? I now have one, but there was only one in Holland and Barrett!


It’s a gorgeous day. I hope you get to enjoy some time out in the sun! I won’t be….for reasons mentioned above, but I will take the dugs a walk tonight before bed….when the pollen has stopped flying around.