I’ve not been posting a lot in the last few days. Please forgive me, but I do have a very valid reason…promise!


We’ve very recently decided it’s time to relocate and as we’ll be doing this in our usual rushed way….we have had to start tarting up our faithful wee cottage to sell.

I’m on annual leave this week and ALL I have done is paint…paint…Oh, and shop for paint! I’ll be glad to get back to work for a well earned rest! (Ok…maybe that’s an exaggeration…but you get my meaning!)

Due to the fact our kitchen has been in a state of disrepair for a few days, we’ve eaten out mostly. Not good for the wallet….or our health…but needs must.

Today, however…I managed to escape the painting to pop into the shop for a couple of things….


I got carried away!

A recent discovery to me is Morrison’s Wonky range. They sell big bags of sweet potatoes, maris piper tatties, carrots, avocado (!!!!), etc for crazy silly cheap prices….all because they’re ‘wonky. I don’t get how anyone could say an avocado is wonky…it’s green and avocado shaped! But…I’m not complaining as I got 10 for 2.80! To a vegan, this avocado and sweet tattie find is as good as a lottery win! Well, 4 numbers, a scratch card or the likes….not quite 5 and a bonus ball!


Bulk buying cashews and avocado. Pure give away you’re a vegan!

Today we finished our kitchen and first coated our bathroom. I was sceptical how a lick of paint would increase value, but now we’ve done it I can fully appreciate how it does. Even I’m falling in love with our wee cottage again.

Because we worked late, tonights dinner was vegan fast food….a peppered steak pie, chips and peas.


It’s shit being a vegan. You can’t eat anything….😂

The pie was delicious! We very rarely eat any ready made oveny (made that word up!) dinners, but sometimes you just have to…and this was very good.

Tomorrow it will all start again….but for now, I’ll leave you with the present the cat got me last week….


No birds were hurt. The lovely magpie obliged and hopped right out the window without a fuss.

Peace out! ✌

The struggle is real!

Day 15 vegan.

The battle continues. Operation oatly in full swing.

I truly believe these sneaky supermarkets to be operating some conspiracy theory surrounding the procurement of oat based frothy milk.

Picture it.

Morrisons in Stirling.

Last ditch attempt at getting my sweaty little hands on my ‘milk’. The tension is mounting, I can almost taste the creamy oatiness on my lips. Acting casual, I make my way to the long life milk section, with equal measures of excitement, aprehension and dread. I scan the shelves. No barista!

Fuuuuucccckkkkkk!!! (It takes every last shred of composure not to throw myself on the ground and have a huge tantrum).

Feeling deflated I head towards the exit (via the salad bar, as I don’t want the entire experience to be ruined *negotiating a salad bar as a vegan, a whole other blog post*). As I’m leaving, by pure chance I stumble upon the ‘free from’ aisle. What do I see, to my amazement. My oaty frothy milk!!!! (Notice the ownership I have over this milk. Not ‘the’ oat milk…NO, NO…it’s MY milk).

I stop. I feel flushed with excitement.

I notice a woman glancing in the general directiom of the milk on the shelf. I can’t have this. Not now. Not when I’m this close. She cannot touch my milk!

In panic I consider charging at her – bulldozing her to the floor. Ok, maybe that’s over the top? I know, I’ll just get her in a heed lock and drag her away from the section. I’ll let her go as soon as I consider her to be a safe distance from the oats. That’s compassionate, right?

Thankfully, she moves before I go in for the kill. Probably best….this shit is getting very real! I would hate for someone to be caught up in the battle that is buying frothy oat based milk in central Scotland



Of course. Now I have the milk, I have absolutely ZERO desire for a frothy coffee!! Typical! 😂

Dinner tonight was a late one. Had to take Davey (our wee blind dug) back to the vet, then Lola (picture below), our 9 year old boxer X mastiff decided to collapse whilst out a walk. So, everything was delayed a wee bit.


Lola, looking pretty after her ‘collapse’

Despite all that, dinner was gorgeous. We ate it whilst watching ‘Carnage’; a mockumentory about a time in the future where everyone is vegan. My sister-in-law recommended it and it was not a disappointment. It’s very cleverly written and the message is poignant, despite the satirical narration. I’d recommend it.


GOSH chickpea and harrisa pate, with soy cream cajun pasta (with olives, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes).

Time for bed now.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good day for us all.