Day 25…

Keeping it super simple tonight.

Today we’ve taken it super easy. I haven’t recovered from driving to and walking around Alton Towers yet!

I’ve also been starving today! Probably making up for hardly eating whilst away.

I started my morning with my smoothie. Oh how I have missed that! Even baby B stole it from me and drank half!

Lunch was avocado pasta. Simple…quick and amazingly tasty.

Avocado oh how I’ve missed thee…


My comfort food. For sure! 

We had a vet visit with Dave again. Ulcer still there, but eye specialist suggested some more medical management before surgical management, so we’re pressing on with that for a week. Then it’ll be surgery! 😵

After a dog walk we wanted something super easy, with no cooking required. We called our local Chinese and discussed vegan options. As usual, they didn’t disappoint.

We got a rice noodle vegetable chow mein to share, with some beancurd kung po and a side of crispy seaweed between us.


We’ve enjoyed our meals out, but tomorrow it’s back to home cooked clean food.

G’night pals….sleep tight….✌