The Black Horse, Endon.

Having spent two days in Alton Towers, where vegans clearly don’t ever venture to (if you were to go by the food options available to you), we were hungry for some real food.

As we don’t know the area at all, we once again turned to our little Happy Cow app. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s a total god send. You can search (worldwide) for vegan/vegetarian places in your area.

You can get the free version here…

So, our app told us that we could get some decent vegan food in a nearby village called Endon. It was a short 20 minute detour, but my oh my was it worth that detour.

We arrived at The Black Horse around 7pm. It appeared to me to be in the middle of nowhere. From the outside it just looked like a nice wee local pub restaurant, no clue of the vegam delights lurking within.


It was relatively quiet when we arrived, but we were immediately greeted by a gorgeously smiley waitress/barmaid. She could not have been happier to see us if she tried. She made us feel so welcome. Sometimes walking into little pubs can be intimidating, but this woman made us feel totally at ease. She told us we could sit anywhere we liked and quickly took a drinks order. The pub sells a range of vegan wines, which my wife took full advantage of and had two large glasses of red.

We were given our menus and….

Behold…a vegan menu!


A very extensive and well thought out vegan selection of food.

It amazes me when I find these little places, not on a main city or busy part of the world, with an amazing selection of vegan food. This is clearly not a token gesture in case a vegan wanders in, this is a well thought out, extensive menu.

I enquired as to why they had such a good vegan menu…the waitress explained that the landlord’s daughter is vegan. It all made perfect sense!

We opted for the bread board to start: a selection of vegan bread with salty vegan butter and balsamic vinegar and oil.


If I’m being totally honest, this is the only part of the meal I thought was poor. The bread consisted of two pieces of gorgeous oaty brown bread, one warmed bagel (which was nice btw) and a cut up Warburtons thin! Now, if thins are a delicacy in and around Stoke-on-trent then I am sorry, but for me a thin doesn’t have a place on a ‘selection of bread’ starter. That being said, the butter was amazing and the bread was all warm. I can only assume they didn’t have as much vegan bread in as they would have liked, so made an attempt at completing the order.

The food was clearly all cooked fresh as you order because the wait time was slightly increased. That isn’t a criticism because I’m always happy to wait for good, freshly prepared food.

I ordered the vegan chilli burrito with half rice and half chips. Well…it was amazing!!! Full of flavour…spicy…crammed full of beans, vegetables and gooey vegan cheese. It was served with the most gorgeous fluffy white rice, thick cut chips and an amazing kind of sweet and sour chutney.


The portion sizes were epic. The food was piping hot and packed full of flavour. My only complaint is that initially my chips were served below my rice, which for me is a big no no. I cannot mix up food. So, I’d suggest they don’t do that as standard, because people like me go a bit bat shit crazy! Once I picked it apart and laid it out better I was happy!

Liz ordered the burger and chips. Again…amazing dish. She loved it and to top it all, when she asked if they had vegan mayo, the waitress beamed with delight and said yes. Out came a little pot of vegan mayo! Now THAT is impressive!!!


Bette had a portion of chips. As you can see from the picture, the chips were mammoth in size and super tasty!


Sadly, we were too full to eat a pudding, but they looked amazing!

I’m giving this little pub a 10/10 for their vegan menu. The effort they’ve put into this menu is clear to see. Their food is fresh and super tasty!

If we lived closer this pub would become somewhere we’d visit regularly. And…for sure…if we’re ever heading down/passing this area again, we will make the short detour to visit The Black Horse.

Thank you for your gorgeous meal…and for having vegan condiments (oh and even vegan biscuits with your bill)…you’ve really gone to town on your vegan inclusion!