Food shop day…!

We’ve had a super busy week (with Bette’s multiple birthday celebrations), so it’s been some time since I did an actual shop.

I wrote a menu planner and made an extensive shopping list, as I always do. I’m very anal about my shopping lists.

After visiting Holland and Barrett for my protein powder, B12 supplements, Bette’s multivitamins and some nooch, etc. We headed to three other supermarkets: Morrisons for the bulk of our shopping, Aldi for avocados and vegan chocolate (It’s on offer this week) and finally Sainsburys for bread and juice, etc.

It is definitely more expensive to shop vegan, as they know they have you by the short and curlies and as such whack you with silly prices….but….the selection of produce is gorgeous. You almost feel happier and healthier just looking at it.


Anyone with a keen eye will spot two non vegan foods (they contain milk) but you’ve got to remember I’m the only vegan in this household. My wife is almost vegan and my daughter is a vegetarian. So…considering they eat vegan with me as a general rule. I think it’s a pretty impressive shopping trolley. 

I’m enjoying the last few days off my annual leave, before returning to work on Friday.

I’m suffering terribly from hay fever, which is entirely new for me. It’s so bad though that my eyes are swelling and my face is breaking out. Pain is awful, I’ve tried natural remedies and over the counter…but it’s looking like I’ll need something from the doctor.

Hope you have a lovely night, whatever you’re doing.