Oh, ye cannae fling pieces oot a twenty story flat…

I’m fond of a piece….are you?

Just in case you were unlucky enough not to be born and raised in Scotland 😉…a ‘piece’ is another name for a sandwich.

I love making my piece for work. I get excited deciding what to fill it with, cutting it, wrapping it. I literally build my entire working day around getting to eat the wonderful creation that is my piece! 🍞

When I first became vegan I couldn’t really think what I’d want in a sandwich. I felt panic! No egg mayonnaise; no cheese savoury; no quorn ham with lettuce and salad cream.

How naive I was!

I go through phases with all my food, but at present, my sandwich of choice will always include houmous. I use wholemeal or rye bread…smother it in a good dollop of houmous before topping with seeds. I LOVE seeds!


Then, if you’re making the dream sandwich, you’re going to need avocado. I can’t get enough avocado. I would guess I eat 7 or 8 a week. 😲


Once I have my avocado in place I drench the whole lot in freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can’t beat the contrast between the creamy houmous and avocado with the sharpness of lemon. Any self respecting piece has to have tomato…that’s just common sense!!!


I finish the lot with a big handful of fresh rocket, which adds a lovely peppery taste at the end.

Anyone who believes vegans struggle to eat anything must be insane. Plants are so versatile…and there’s just so much choice!!!

What’s your favourite sandwich fillings?? I’m always looking for new ideas!

Tomorrow I’m planning a blog post about the wonders of Chia seeds. They’re my little wonder seeds…with a wealth of health benefits!

Over the next few days I’ll be blogging about all things chicken related. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking about our feathered friends since watching an emotive vegan video that I very much disagreed with.

Peace and out! ✌

Some hae meat and cannae eat….and some wad eat that want it…but I don’t want meat and I cannae fucking eat….in my packed lunch I’m thankit!

Why, when there is such an amazing selection of plant based foods out there, can you not get anything when you’re trying to grab and go?? Is it so hard to imagine putting rice and avocado without a big lump of chicken on top? Or pasta with tomato and nae cheese?

It’s torture!!! Overall I’m usually pretty successful with my grab and go days, but today was dire!

Behold….Waitrose’s lunch selection….


All of that food and they can’t provide one vegan option??? Have the never heard of houmous or falafel??

Eventually, after reading the fine print of everything I found a wee packet of veggie sushi that was accidentally vegan! Woooooohooooo!!!

Vegan food is in no way hard to make.

For example…you could fire some vegan cream cheese on a bit of toast with avocado, tomato and marmite as I’ve done below. Cheap, easy and bloody tasty.


Or….a vegan burrito. Loaded with avocado, black beans and rice.


Got this from a wee place in silverburn.

And if you’ve got more time…


Orzo pasta in a butternut squash sauce with kale and onions.

I’ve also discovered some amazing vegan pate. It’s really really tasty. I’d say it’s more like the cheap meat spreads, but it’s amazing.


My point is….if manufacturers thought a bit more about ingredients, they’d be able to make easy vegan choices.

Thankfully M&S and Starbucks got it right for me this weekend. So it’s not all bad.


A Buddha bowl and juice. Plus, a bar of amazing chocolate (which wasn’t for me btw…it was for us all at home)


Starbucks got it right too!

I always make my own lunch, but this weekend was madness and I didn’t manage it.

Lesson – don’t rely on food outlets for lunch on the go, always make your own!