F*ck you Waitrose!

The battle of oatly barista continues. Waitrose has been promising a delivery for a week…and today, they’ve discontinued it! Arghhhh!

They have every form of plant milk known to man…but have stopped that? Clearly they’ve never actually spoken yo a vegan in the flesh, because if they had they’d know this stuff is like crack cocaine to us. We don’t just love it…we need it! 😂

Anyway, whilst in there I bagged my free tea…and in truly glamourous community midwide style, I’m munching my peice in the car.


Falafel, sweet chilli and egg free mayo sandwich. A deliciously Ella energy ball and a cuppa tea (with the elusive barista in it).

Following work I’ll re-commence operation ‘find a shit load of barista and stock buy it as though I’m expected the end of the world as we know it’.

Bonus…it’s sunny….and if I stare at my ariel bobble I could almost convince myself I’m in Disney!