The F*cking Friday Feeling (TFFF).

Back to work today. 😨

It’s always sore going back to work after annual leave. Today was busy…manic busy…and despite my holiday, I’d say I was more tired than usual. 😩

Nevertheless, I made it through the day…! πŸ‘

I’m a bit perplexed. I started on this vegan journey on the 10th April. Initially I was eating a fair deal of soya and substitutes, but for the last 3 weeks I’ve eaten plant based….! I’ve been vegetarian for years, so have always eaten lots of fruit, veg and wholegrains. That part of my diet is not new. However, I’d say the quantity of the fruit/veg has increased 5 fold.

The first 10 days of veganism I lost 9lbs. I was eating a lot of food and eating well, but I lost weight quickly. It felt fabulous. I really felt the difference in my clothes as well as on the scales.

However, I feel I’m now putting weight on again. I feel bloated, like my jeans are getting tighter etc. I dont understand why, truly. I eat 2-3 meals a day, the bulk of my meal is vegetables with some carbs on the side.

Is this weight fluctuation something other people have experienced?

I also had a REALLY bad break out of hayfever and the skin on my face was ridiculousmy sore and dry. I put it all down to the hayfever, however I’m now beginning to think it was my body detoxing from the hormones and antibiotics in dairy?? Is that a common thing?

Anyway, some places I’ve read about it say that your body takes time to adjust to the change. I just didn’t realise my body would be quite as shocked given the fact it’s been veggie for so long.

Today I had my smoothie for breakfast, because I never have enough time to make food. I love a breakfast smoothie and although I know they can/are calorific, I find without them I’m super hungry and feel sluggish . Today I was powered by kale, protein powder (it’s all natural and full of essential nutrients, with only 130kcals), mango, raspberries, blueberries and 100mls of koko milk.

Lunch was a rushed afair. Literally crammed it into my mouth between two stops. I didn’t really taste it, but know i consumed a hummus and avocado sandwich, with a NAKD bar, because my lunch bag was empty! 😭

Liz made a gorgeous spicy chilli for tea. We had a tiny portion of wholegrain rice, loads of the chilli and an avocado blended with lemon juice and salt. Yummmmmmmarraaammmaaa!


I have also been a super good lassie and Β drank lots of water today, which is something I’ve neglected whilst on holiday, if I’m being honest.


After dinner I had some fruit with a soya chocolate pot thing. (Gorgeous!!) A green tea and an extra glass of water.

I’m working nights as of tomorrow. Blog posts might get a bit screwed up, but you’ll get something!

Peace out! πŸ‘ŒβœŒ